Health Awareness

State Health Awareness Campaign

The QCWA has long been focused on improving the health and wellbeing of women across Queensland.

Our objective is simple: to improve the welfare of the lives of women and their families, especially in Regional, Rural and Remote communities. One such way we achieve this is through our Health Awareness programs.

Originally taking root through our State External Appeal, each year a state wide program would be nominated and Branches across Queensland would fundraise to raise money to support their good work. This has incorporated many charities over the years including Mater Children’s Hospital Sleep Unit, RFDS and Queensland Melanoma Project to name a few.

During our Annual Non-Conference Council a motion was passed that rather than QCWA focusing solely on fundraising for donations, we need to do more in communities to bring awareness to our chosen appeal. From this, Branches and Divisions are now encouraged to facilitate meetings, seminars, events and other such occasions where guest speakers and professionals linked to the program provide informative talks and build awareness in the local communities across Queensland.


2019 State Health Awareness Campaign: Women’s Mental Health 

Women’s Mental Health


Bouncing Back Program

Another way in which the QCWA is helping improve the health of our communities is through our newly launched Bouncing Back Program.

Since early 2014 the QCWA has been concerned about how little was being done for Queenslanders suffering the effects of drought, floods, fire, cyclones, financial difficulties and the normal stress of life today.  Despite allocated funding from State Governments, the QCWA feels that there is more room for improvement especially in regards to practical goals and achievements for those that have suffered from crisis.  From this our Bouncing Back Program was born whilst also supporting the current work that our Association does with our Public Rural Crisis Fund – a support fund providing financial assistance to those suffering from crisis.

The Bouncing Back Program Coordinator has developed a practical guide available for those that would like some further help bouncing back from crisis. This guide can be downloaded here.

If you would like to learn more about our Public Rural Crisis Fund please follow this link.



Preterm Infant’s Parents’ Association Inc (PIPA)

Preterm Infant’s Parents’ Association Inc (PIPA) is a peer to peer support group and Australia’s longest running prem support charity. It was formed in Brisbane in 1980 by a group of mums at the Mater who wanted to try to offer whatever help they could to other families of premature babies. PIPA have provided some wonderful resources available including Cuddle or Bonding Hearts, Peanut Pillows and U Cushions.

About PIPA 

Peanut Pillow Instructions

U Cushion Instructions

U Cushion Template

Preterm Infants Parents Association Inc.

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