Norwin Branch 90

Norwin Branch’s 90th Birthday

By Susan Hass, Marketing and Publicity Officer

Situated on a cross roads on the flat plains for the Darling Downs region our little inconspicuous Hall can be quite challenging to find if you are not in the know. However this little Hall was the site of a momentous occasion, Norwin Branches 90th Birthday celebrations.

Once our guests arrived (yes, they did get lost!) they had a worked up a hearty appetite and happily pounced on the beautiful high tea set up for the occasion. Around the tables everyone enjoyed sampling the goodies, catching up with each other’s news and renewing friendships. We are quite proud of our 90 year history and this was a perfect occasion to recount some of our more interesting adventures. We also recounted the story of our Hall being burnt down in 1973 during a severe thunderstorm, a scary moment in time as this was right in the middle of the Christmas Party! We were fortunate enough to rebuild it the next year and this is the Hall you can find today. Of more recent note we are proud to say that our little Hall was used as the set for the cover shoot of Ruth Magazine’s Autumn Edition. Coincidentally you can find this magazine at your local newsagent!

As the oldest and longest member of the Branch, Madeleine Ferguson had the honour of cutting the Birthday cake with the aid of Division Vice President, Shirley Platz. Madeleine is supremely proud of our little Branch and enjoys every minute of the time that she spends with fellow Branch members. We may only be a small Branch of eight but we are a close knit group proudly supporting our local community and we can’t wait to see where the next 90 years take us.

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