Janelle Reeves, Kingaroy Branch

Meet our Fabulous Facilitator from Gympie & South Burnett Division of the QCWA.

Janelle Reeves (first on left) with other branch members at CK lunch catering

Mrs Janelle Reeves, QCWA Kingaroy Branch

I first heard about Country Kitchens in a branch meeting. I have always been interested in cooking and leaning about new flavours and techniques. Since having children, the nutrition aspect of food has become more important also. I have been a branch treasurer for 4 years also. I’d like to see our branch engage with the community more. There are many in our area that would benefit from the message the Country Kitchens program is promoting. My strengths are that I like to help people, I like to cook. I was a mathematics teacher at high school before dedicating time to my children. I hope to go back to it one day. I enjoy teaching people new things, so the Country Kitchens program came at the right time for me to be involved. I like working with branches in our division and have met some wonderful people that would not normally cross my path.

In 2016, our branch was involved in a pilot version of the current CK program. We have continued our involvement since then with activities such as a walking group, our 5 key messages presented to a Mums ‘n’ Bubs group, partnering with local organisations to demo/cater for events such as Women in Ag days, we have promoted CK at local cattle sales too. This year we have helped children at the local school of distance Ed improve their cooking skills so they can help cook more at home with more fruit and veg and leaned about the amount of sugar in their drinks. We now have 2 more members keen to help with Country Kitchens. We also demonstrated some of the healthy lunchbox recipes to 100 employees at a local organisation as part of their professional development.

I like combining cooking and gardening – growing the food we eat. I’m interested in making our food choices sustainable and teaching my children the importance of learning where their food comes from and understanding what ‘real’ food is and how it makes our bodies feel better and function properly when we eat it. As farmers, they see some of the processes it takes to grow crops. Much of my time is taken up with farming and the children, though I do enjoy reading with a good coffee or hanging out by the pool with my family.

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Healthy cooking class at Kingaroy Branch with home-schooled children.

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