Donna Formosa, Freshwater Branch

Meet Fabulous Facilitator from Far Northern Division of the QCWA

Mrs Donna Formosa, Freshwater Branch

My name is Donna Formosa. I belong to the Freshwater Branch, Far Northern Division. I have been a QCWA Country Kitchens Fabulous Facilitator since November 2018. As a new QCWA member I didn’t really know what was expected or what I could contribute. It was when Gina, the CK Team Leader spoke at a Branch meeting that I became interested in Country Kitchens.

My love of cooking and the fact that I work as a Teacher Aid in Home Economics it made sense to me that this should be where I should contribute. I have not worn any other hats for QCWA, but have recently been nominated as one of the Vice Presidents at the Freshwater Branch. I think I would like to firstly bring awareness of the Country Kitchens program to the QCWA members of our Branch and our Division so that together we can take small steps in changing the eating habits of our children.

I would say my strengths are in building relationships with people. At this point, I would prefer to be in the background as my confidence builds. I prefer cooking and I wish I was a champion photographer. I have facilitated a stall at the local primary school fete. At each of the Branch Meetings I discuss the Monthly Munch and remind the members of the 5 key messages. I have 5 beautiful children ranging in age from 13 to 25. They are my world. I love campfires and starry nights.

Salmon Frittata recipe promotion with Freshwater Branch members.

Attendance at Fabulous Facilitator Training & Networking Weekend.

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