Check your portion size


Food and drink portions have increased dramatically over the past 25 years – the age of super-sizing.

The health cost for upsizing food services is huge. More than 2/3 of Queensland adults and ¼ children are overweight/obese.

Larger portions often have more kilojoules.

Here are some tips to choosing the right portion:

  • ½ of your plate should be vegetables (think variety and colour!)
  • ¼ of your plate should be good-quality carbohydrates – such as potato, wholegrain pasta, brown rice, couscous, quinoa
  • ¼ of your plate should be lean protein, like lean meat, poultry, eggs or legumes.

See more about portions sizes here.


Hungry between meals?

When snacking choosing a snack that is high in protein and/or high in fibre, low in added sugar, salt and saturated fat.


Here are some great suggestions:

  • Fruit– medium banana, apple orange, 2 small fruits (kiwi fruits, small apricots), 30g of dried fruit (4 dried apricots, 1 ½ tablespoons of dried fruit), ½ glass of juice


  • Yoghurt– 200g, or try 1 cup (250mls) of milk (choose mostly reduced fat)


  • 2 large, or 4 small wholegrain crackers – enjoy with tomato, hummus, tuna, salsa or a small amount of cheese or avocado.


  • A ‘handful’ of nuts (30g) – i.e. 20 almonds or peanuts, 15 cashews or 9 walnuts


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