Sit Less, Move More: Lessons from Steptember


During the month of September, the QCWA Country Kitchens Team stepped it up a notch and joined Steptember. The team thought it was a great opportunity to increase our daily exercise, and create new healthy habits that align with sitting less and moving more. Plus we also wanted to raise some much-needed money for people living with cerebral palsy who often don’t have the opportunity to walk and move around as much as us.

To learn more about cerebral palsy please visit The Cerebral Palsy Alliance that aim to support people living with a physical and neurological disability.

The goals set by the team behind Steptember were to achieve 10,000 steps per day. So did the QCWA Country Kitchen Team achieve this? And What did we do to get many more steps in each day?

Here’s how we did:

Despite an amazing effort by the team, aiming for 10,000 steps per day was a challenge. Our final number of steps was 819, 979 steps. That’s an average of around 6000 steps per day with a team of five of us.

Here’s what we did:

Bec started getting the train from the Gold Coast just to get some early morning steps in and has started running up some big beachside hills occasionally after work.

Fiona used everyday activities such as shopping and gardening to get her steps up. She also noticed that being on the road and conducting Hands On Nutrition Workshops achieved an amazing 7500 steps!

Alice started a daily exercise routine and would make an effort to put her headphones in when talking to friends and family so she could get stepping.

Chloe started getting the train in the morning to work and added a few extra steps to her morning routine

Connie decided that getting to work early was the best way to get some extra steps on her a morning run. Connie also made a huge effort to do an hourly was in her local area each day.


Lessons from Steptember

Achieving 10,000 steps per day is challenging but it is no excuse not to try. Here are some of the QCWA Country Kitchens teams’ ideas on how we can all bump up our steps every day.


Before work

  • Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and get out for a crisp morning walk or run
  • Choose to take public transport, bike or walk to work
  • Meet a colleague or friend before work and head to the local park for a chat and walk


During work

  • Set a reminder to get up, get a glass of water and do some steps on the spot
  • Invest in a standing desk
  • Take the stairs at every opportunity
  • At lunch, get the team together, put your walking shoes on and head out for a stroll
  • Keep a pair of walking shoes under your desk and ready to go


After work

  • Get outside, get some fresh air and get those steps up
  • Cook dinner to music and move your body
  • When grocery shopping, choose a carpark furthest away from the entrance and walk the extra distance
  • Join a sports team once or twice a week
  • Call a friend, put your headphones in and get walking


Every day we can all aim for more steps, remember that every little bit counts and investing in a good pair of walking shoes can add motivation. Although Steptember is great, remember to sit less and move more every day not just for the month of September. Setting a goal and aiming for 10,000 steps each day is a great way to stay motivated for the remainder of the year.

For more tips and tricks on how to get more active check out the Healthier. Happier website for easy to do, everyday activities.

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