Insights from Raymonda Hall – CK Facilitator Blackwater Branch

[caption id="attachment_2393" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Raymonda Hall Portrait RW #1 Raymonda Hall, QCWA Central Highlands Division, Blackwater Branch.[/caption]

Why did you decide to get involved with QCWA’s Country Kitchens program?
The program offers ways of introducing healthier food options for QCWA branches. And I saw it as a great opportunity for younger people to get involved in the QCWA and possibility become members.

What part of the Country Kitchens program appeals to you the most and why?
I really like the five key messages part of the program, I think they are really easy to follow. I also really like how the program teaches people to modify a recipe to make it healthier.

What have you enjoyed the most about becoming a facilitator?
Meeting new people. I am a people person and it was a new way for me to interact with them. Enjoyment! I thought the QCWA Country Kitchens program was a great way to bring the QCWA into the “new age”.

In what ways have you been able to reinforce the Country Kitchens five key messages within your community?
Myself and local personal trainer Natalie Sanderson started the Blackwater Health Movement which focuses on improving healthy eating (cook at home and increase fruit and vegetables) and physical activity (sit less, move more) in the community. Within our branch we have started offering Country Kitchens approved options at our stall at the Blackwater Markets and also we have a greater emphasis on health at our meetings, discussing topics such as safe food handling and physical activity.

Does your Branch have a Country Kitchens inspired community activity or event planned in the near future?
The Blackwater Health Movement held its first event on 6 December at the Blackwater QCWA Hall for local miners who have an interest in improving their health. The day included a physical activity session with a local PT and a hands-on nutrition workshop with myself. In the future I also plan to do some workshops with the PCYC and the local schools.

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