Love to cook? Love to socialise? Or simple just want to pick up some handy healthy cooking tips? There are many ways to join the QCWA Country Kitchens program. You can either become a branch facilitator and liaise with members and the QCWA Country Kitchens Team to implement Foodie Talk or implement your very own healthy community activity. No matter how you want to join we are here to help you through the process towards making Queenslanders happier and healthier. 

Our QCWA Country Kitchens newsletter the ‘Monthly Munch’, provides an update on the monthly achievements of the QCWA Country Kitchen team, the events we have attended, and new QCWA branches that are on board and advocating for a happier and healthier you. Every month, we pull together fabulous photographs and a QCWA Country Kitchen approved recipe. We include a recipe with the aim to inspire you and your branch to get cooking and start a conversation about how it has been made healthier. Each recipe has been approved by the QCWA Country Kitchen team. 

We would love for you to sign up to the Monthly Munch newsletter.

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Foodie Talks are a great way to learn more about the QCWA Country Kitchens Program and our very own Healthy Catering Guidelines. Come along to a Foodie Talk and learn how the guidelines provide important information on Food Safety and the easy step by step instructions on how to modify a recipe. Bring your own recipe along and we can help you make it healthier for you, and the whole family.  The Healthy Catering Guidelines can be on the website here.


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The Hands on Nutrition Workshops have been designed to provide useful nutrition information and cooking skills in a welcoming and supportive environment. Each workshop is developed to help you cook healthy at home and is designed around each of our 5 key messages:


If you know someone or have diabetes or heart disease, our program which is run by Accredited Nutritionist will show you have to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fats.

In each workshop we cook up a range of recipes but don’t forget these workshops are very interactive so be prepared to get those aprons on and in the kitchen! Come with us on an exciting journey to use the foods you know and love, in a new and delicious way!

To attend or organise a workshop please click the following links:

Southern Region Meeting 2016

Community Activities

The QCWA Country Kitchens team is here to help and support each and every Queensland community to support ongoing and sustainable healthy change. Each nutritionist on the team is a Branch Buddy. After a Branch signs up to the Hands On Nutrition Workshops (HONW), we support and assist each Branch facilitator and the community members to be happier and healthier now and in the future. Once the three HONW are complete, the next step is sustainable change and the implementation of community activity. Of course we are here to help your ideas become a reality. For ideas please log into the facilitator page otherwise contact us if you wish to have a community activity at your branch but you’re not facilitator yet.


The aims of community activities are to:

  • Empower QCWA Branch members to connect with local community members and invite them to the QCWA Country Kitchens Hand on Workshop
  • Encourage QCWA Branch members to work collaboratively with other agencies to promote health in their communities
  • Increase the understanding of how difference issues impact health
  • Promote the consumption of fruit and vegetablse in collaboration with local communities
  • Establish a positive reputation of the QCWA for promoting healthier beahviours


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