COOK AT HOME: How to make a healthy cheese platter

Cheese platters are a great way to entertain and provide nutritious snacks to your family and friends. It is important however to ensure delicious cheeses which are often high in saturated fat and salt are coupled with healthy snacks including vegetable sticks, wholegrain crackers, nuts and seeds.

Here are some step by step instructions to get you started.


1. Start by choosing your platter. This is an important step as a platter too small will likely end up with the cheese, veggies and other delicious goodies all over the table. A wooden chopping board or plain white plate is also good choices.











2. Choose one cheese and one dip and place each at opposite ends of the cheese board. These cheese and the dip need to be showcased and from this point on the crackers and veggies sticks chosen typically do complement the cheese and dip chosen.












3. Choose an assortment of veggies and use these to decorate the base of the dip container. The more colour the better. Carrot, capsicum, cucumber and celery are great choices and can be chopped in numerous ways including sticks to dunk into the dip.  Choose wholegrain crackers where possible and place these next to the cheese. Different crackers provide a variety of textures and flavours and when the grain can be seen, it also provides a little boost in fibre.












4. Choose at least 1 fruit to add colour to the platter. Slicing green apple thinly and piling up fresh berries is a great way to make a cheese platter that little bit healthier. Go for seasonal fruit where you can or choose canned peaches and pears for something different. Drain these natural juice and place on a hot plate for some extra flavour and texture.











5. Once all the veggie sticks, fruit and crackers are layered around the cheese and dip, choose nuts, dried fruit and even dark chocolate to fill in the missing gaps. Sprinkle a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme from the garden to garnish and provide some greenery, and serve!











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